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This years Grand Marshal is Maureen Ennis. Maureen is best know for her charitable work for The New York Giving Dolls.This nonprofit organization is comprised of more than 300 volunteers, who handcraft cloth dolls for children in times of special needs to give them faith, love,joy, hope and comfort. Since fall of 2011, Over 12,000 New York giving dolls have been donated to children in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, medical facilities, homeless shelters,schools for children with developmental disabilities,bereavement groups, camps and carious service organization. Giving dolls have also been given to children of the military and those who have suffered domestic and sexual abuse. Over 125 organization have been served, most of them on a continual basis. New York made dolls are in the arms of children in 30 states outside of New York as well as 20 countries. In addition to doll making activities the New York giving dolls organization has participated in various community service project to offer additional assistance and relief to those in need.

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